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Critiquing Nintendo's Wii launch details

Blake Snow

Skeptical Gaming has compiled their list of reasons why Nintendo's Wii launch announcements today were less than perfect. Here's a rundown of some of their main points:

  • $250 price: "A $250 system becomes less of an impulse buy, and more of an investment. At $199, the systems would cater quite nicely to the EveryMan."
  • Cost of controllers: "Holy cow, Nintendo. $40 for the Wiimote, and $20 more for the Nunchuck? You're charging more for the two main accessories (needed for a lot of games) than you are for the games!"
  • Virtual Console pricing: "Most NES games aren't worth $5. Although I don't support the practice since it's illegal and all (wink wink), it's damned easy to find ZIP files with every single NES ROM included in them."
  • Photo system: "Sorry guys... it's hard to sell me on a Photo manipulation/storage idea when the system holds less than a gig of storage space."
  • Nov 19 launch: "Launching it two days after the PlayStation 3 means that, whether they like it or not, Nintendo is now competing with Sony for exposure."
How would you critique Wii's launch details? What are your biggest gripes?

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