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Hitachi's DV-DH1000D WOOO DVR maxed out at 1TB

Cyrus Farivar

Yesterday we joked that we'd all have 1TB storage devices hard-wired to our brains by 2056. We're not quite there yet, but today we're taking some of the first steps: Hitachi has just announced three new models of its WOOO DVR, which top out at 1TB. These sleek little players, the DV-DH1000D, DV-DH500D and the DV-DH160D all record in Hi-Vision (Japan's version of HDTV) and come in three colors including "piano black," "champagne silver" and another metallic color that Google couldn't translate for us. Hitachi's latest range from ¥120,000 and ¥200,000 ($1,020 and $1,700), and while the two higher-end versions will be released in early October, the DV-DH160D won't be out until the middle of that month. Each recorder comes loaded with two terrestrial digital tuners and two BS / CS digital tuners (a Japanese digital stream standard), along with three sets of component and S-Video ports on the back, HDMI, iLink (on the DV-DH1000D only), Ethernet, an SD card slot and a DVD-R / RW recorder. So if you're in Japan, get ready to smash your piggy bank or whatever it is that the Japanese are keeping money in these days -- knowing them, it's probably something way kawaii-er than ceramic swine anyway.

[Via Akihabara News]

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