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Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player firmware update on the way

Samsung has joined Toshiba in offering firmware updates for their first generation HD player. Reportedly this update will address problems with the noise filter reduction circuit, hopefully bringing HDMI up to snuff with component, as well as add support for Blu-ray Java releases expected later this year. We've heard a lot of questions about BD-J support and "full profile" players, hopefully this means BD-P1000 owners won't be missing out on any special features but we'll have to wait and see. One question answered is that yes, the BD-P1000 can play dual-layer 50GB BDs, the firmware update is not necessary for that; according to The Digital Bits, the problem was only with some BD-R test discs. Still, by the time October rolls around who knows how well even an updated BD-P1000 will compare to the incoming Blu-ray players and second-gen HD DVD players but we hope all early adopters are registered for the update.

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