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Segway recalls all 23,500 scooters sold due to software glitch!


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It's not quite as exciting as, say, the idea of exploding Segways, but a software glitch that has those iconic Personal Transporters suddenly reversing torque and falling over ain't nothing to scoff at. Segway has today announced the recall of all 23,500 Segway units sold between March 2002 and now (as in, every single one), and involves the i167, i170, i180, p133, XT, GT and i2 models. It isn't Segway's first time around the old recall wheel, in September of 2003 they recalled all 6,000 Segways sold to date due to another falling glitch. This time apparently the Human Transporter "can unexpectedly apply reverse torque to the wheels," as in, go in reverse while the rider is leaning forward -- spelling certain doom for the nerd aboard. Segway has gotten six reports of head and wrist injuries so far, and is recalling the units to local service providers who can apply a simple software update and have you on your way in no time.

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