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SK Telecom gets with European operators for 3G roaming

Chris Ziegler

Roaming agreements for the world's WCDMA networks aren't nearly as comprehensive as they are for their 2G / 2.5G equivalents, occasionally leaving 3G customers in the lurch when traveling abroad (we're having difficulty working up any tears here, but we're doing our best; please pardon our bitterness). Case in point: handsets on SK Telecom's WCDMA network could not be used in many European countries, despite the fact that Europe is flush with the 3G goodness. That's about to change, thanks to a new agreement between SK, Vodafone, and Denmark's Hi3G that will allow the Korean carrier's handsets to be used in as many as 12 European countries' UMTS networks, including video calls. Yeah, video calls. Are those crickets we hear?

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