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Sony @ CEDIA - Booth Tour

Matt Burns

What do you know? Guess who is smack dab at the front entrance? Sony and boy what a nice setup they have. 4-5 viewing rooms with different product lines in each, gobs of Sony 'helpers," Blu-ray everywhere and the Sony Pearl.

Click on for a photo tour of Sony's CEDIA EXPO 2006 booth.

Sony 1080p SXRD-based Pearl

70-inch 1080p SXRD

Blu-ray room -- 70-inch SXRD (side speakers removed) B&W speakers with tons of Blu-ray marketing

Color bezels for the XBR2 LCD lineup

Sony 32-inch LCD with hid-away screen

52-inch 1080p LCD

Sony 3LCD-based RP-HDTVs

Custom install market

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