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Toyota's monopedal robot leg will jump, jump!

Cyrus Farivar

We can imagine few things more frightening than a monopedal robot with a white plastic bulge as a head, but that's precisely what Toyota has created: a monopedal 3.3-foot tall robot that can jump 1.6 inches off the ground. Seriously. This guy is next on the evolutionary ladder for robots, which are slowly coming together with articulate arms, faces, and now fully extendable legs to eventually form the Voltron-like shape of a seriously bulbous dude. In fact, this leg would go well on that bot we blogged about the other week that is designed to carry injured soldiers off of the battlefield -- given that any given robot could run probably monopedal-jump away faster than it could roll (at least in our vivid imaginations).

[Via The Raw Feed]

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