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Wii hardware to be profitable at launch

Blake Snow

Reuters is reporting via an interview with President Reggie Fils-Aime that Nintendo's new Wii console (read: five year-old pimped out GameCube) will be profitable the day of launch. From the interview: "We will make a profit on the entire Wii proposition out of the box -- hardware and software... That really is a very different philosophy versus our competitors. We are a company that competes only in the interactive entertainment space so we have to make a profit on every thing we do."

While the company invested in R&D on promising motion-sensing controls and by adding RAM and a supercharged processor, it's no secret that Wii uses inferior computing technology like the DS before it. So is profiting off older technology a bad thing? Not at all. Show me great games, and Nintendo can profit off this blogger all they want.

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