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NWN premium modules earn one last gasp

Alan Rose

BioWare has given Neverwinter Nights fans a pleasant surprise this week. In addition to posting the 1.68 update, the company has announced they are selling a new premium module, Wyvern Crown of Cormyr. How exactly did this happen after Atari pulled support for NWN back in May? A moderator on BioWare's forums has this to say:

"As for WCoC, it was the most complete of the premium modules at the time the decision to cancel the program was handed down to us, in fact it was very close to release. Atari and other parties were very impressed with the amount of content and quality of work that had been done and how close to completion it was, so they changed their mind and decided to make an exception for this module."

It's more likely Atari's about face has a monetary incentive. Their financial woes have gotten so bad lately, some quick digital download revenue wouldn't be unwelcome. That might also explain Cormyr's $11.99 price tag -- the highest yet for a BioWare premium module. Still, this will also be the largest NWN adventure to date, and you can ride horses now. On second thought, maybe that's why Atari approved this release -- horse armor!

Don't forget to check out the excellent (and free) Darkness Over Daggerford module from Ossian Studios.

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