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Meridian Faroudja @ CEDIA - 1080p D-ILA projector - D-ILA1080PMF1

Matt Burns

It's hard to walk 10 steps without hitting a 1080p device at this years CEDIA EXPO. Seriously, it is hard. Meridian Faroudja added to mix with a sweet looking D-ILA projector. The D-ILA1080MF1 is a three-chip 1080p (1080p60 & p50) D-ILA-powered beast. If color is a concern of yours, look no farther, as this monster sports D65 reference color temperature that is higher then the standard SMPTE240. The CEDIA handout advertises flexible installation but we just don't see that with only RGB, S-Vid and DVI inputs. There is an optional processor that will solves this problem by adding multiple progressive analog video outputs/inputs including RGBHV, component, RGBS and RGsB - but it will cost ya an extra $5,000 for a total of $25,995. That's right, the D-ILA1080PMF1 without the additional processor is going to MSRP at $20,995.

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