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Pioneer's 60 and 42-inch plasma TVs: not quite 1080p


Pioneer just announced two new Pure Vision plasmas today to bookend their 50-inch PRO-FHD1. The 60-inch PDP-607HX (pictured) and 42-inch PDP-427HDX both bring Pioneer's 7th gen PURE Black Panel and Drive II picture technologies, integrated analog and 2 x digital tuners, and wide range of ports including 2 x HDMI and D-sub15 for your computer's RGB feed. While it's difficult to be certain from the machine translation, neither panel would appear to bring Full HD (1920 × 1080) resolution even though both HDMI's are capable of receiving a 1080p signal -- the 607HX is apparently limited to a 1365x768 panel resolution while the 427HXD goes 1024x768. Not good considering similarly priced alternatives. Expect the 60-incher to drop for ¥800,000 or about $6,796 in late October with the 42-incher coming later this month for an estimated ¥410,000 or roughly $3,490. Pic of the 42-incher after the break.

[Via Impress]

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