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Sam & Max on Wii? Telltale wants your help [update 1]

Ross Miller

In a public forum post, Telltale Games employee Emily Morganti chronicled the rise in interest to have Sam & Max on the Wii, noting that ultimately they like the idea of putting the zany romp (our description, not theirs) on Nintendo's console. Unfortunately, Telltale needs Nintendo to notice them -- and as a small self-publishing developer, that's not easy to do.

That's where we (Joystiq and its readers) come into play. Telltale thinks the Wiimote would be a perfect fit for its point-and-click Sam & Max, and we're inclined to agree. If you care enough to join the cause, contact Nintendo and tell them you want to see Telltale Games get some support for a Wii version (it's done! See below).

While you're at it, tell us: on what platform(s) would you like to see Sam & Max rear its ugly head?

PlayStation 2 or 3
Xbox 360 / XBLA
I don't care about Sam & Max

[via 1UP]

[Update 1: Wow, that was quick. Emily over at Telltale has updated this particular blog entry:

"They took notice! We got a phone call from Nintendo this afternoon. We'll take it from here - please don't email them anymore!"

Well done, guys. Thanks JulianZ for alerting us.]

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