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Samsung @ CEDIA - Cable Card 2.0 HDTV receiver -- SMT-H3050

Matt Burns

Coming to a cable provider near you -- maybe. The SMT-H3050 from Samsung is set-top box that is embedded with DOCCSIS 2.0 Cable Card and OCAP support for full interactivity. The box can output the video via S-Vid or HDMI and audio through an optical or dig-coax cable. There isn't a price for it yet, as the Samsung staffers don't know if this product is going to hit the retail markets yet, but they are pitching the unit to service providers. It would make sence that a person would buy this product, as this is the first box to allow a user to get all the goodies from their cable company (i.e. program guide, VOD, pay-per-view) without leasing their cable companie's equipment. Why wouldn't Samsung want to sell this item? We are sure some of you would love to kick your cable box to the road. Right?

Pics of cable card support after the link

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