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Samsung @ CEDIA - LED-powered DLP

Matt Burns

Samsung's LED DLP is finally seeing the light of day. After numerous delays it is finally here -- kind of. There is two of 'em at the CEDIA EXPO but the one in the Samsung booth is a really bad demo. When we say really bad, the skin tones are red. Not a yellowish red ether; red and the tool running the demo just doesn't see it. This show is filled with literally thousands of amazing pictures and when you see a bad one it sticks out like a Boy Scout in a strip club. The other one is on the corner of the DLP plot and looks great. If you are at the EXPO, don't bother with the Samsung demo, the DLP area is right across the lane anyway. Check out theirs instead.

On a similar note, I finally received delivery of this very DLP for a review but alas, it was delivered literally hours after my plane took off for CEDIA. My electronic-versed wife hooked up the HDTV however and says it looks great with no strong, red push- but then again, she is comparing it to our older 36-inch Sony CRT-based HDTV that died, so I assume anything would look great at this point. My full review will come later next week.

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