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Sharp BD-MPC10, first home theater in-a-box with Blu-ray

Cyrus Farivar

HD Beat caught a glimpse of the newest offering from Sharp, the BD-MPC10, at CEDIA yesterday. This monstrosity of a device -- the first Blu-ray home theater in-a-box (complete with apropos "blu" backlighting) -- rocks that sweet 1080p over HDMI and will set you back $3,000 -- not including the cost of a subwoofer, as you're only getting two front speakers out of the box. The audio system is also decked out with virtual surround sound and speakers that have top-mounted drivers floating on gel to create something called a "rip-in-the-water effect" -- and while we're not sure what that means, we'll love it all the same. Sharp also told the HD beatniks that the package should be rolling off the assembly lines by March and will be reaching retail stores by late April or early May 2007.

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