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Toshiba updates Regza LCD lineup for native 1080p


Toshiba added 1080p output to their HD DVD line yesterday and since you'll need a TV to watch that on, they also updated their US line with new 1080p Regza LCDs. Unlike the Japanese editions of these HDTVs, they include just one Ethernet jack for Toshiba's THINC network capability to stream photos and MP3s (but no video like the Pioneer Elite plasmas) from a connected PC. The 47-inch 47LZ196 and 42-inch 42LZ196 are part of the Cinema Series Pro line, include 12-bit digital video processing for enhanced colors, 8ms response time but most importantly for HD-XA2 buyers (or Blu-ray users, we won't ask where your 1920x1080 source comes from) feature Native Mode, to display pixel-for-pixel 1080p with no scaling or overscanning. They are both CableCard ready, with dual HDMI inputs and "high-gloss black cabinetry". According to the original press release, the 47- and 42-inch models are due this month with MSRPs of $4,599 and $3,399 respectively, however Big Picture Big Sound says they have been updated to expect them in October, with MSRPs of $3,999 and $2,999 respectively. Combining the sooner date and lower prices sounds like a fair compromise to us.

[Via Big Picture Big Sound]

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