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Runco @ CEDIA - 1080p projectors

Matt Burns

A few years ago Runco would have never been considered cutting-edge even though there were some of the best projectors money, or a mortgage, could buy. Now you can consider Runco on the bleeding-edge with their 1080p 3-chip DLP projectors which are the worlds first THX-certified displays of any type. We went to their press conference and these displays blew us away. Amazing. These models are going to start out at $11K for the single chip 1080p DLP models and climbs as high $115K with the Autoscope option that. Runco's cutting edge sward didn't stop there as they have this new projector screen-mask that when paired with the proper equipment and lens on Runco projectors can display any aspect ratio. If you want to watch Ben-Hur in the original aspect ratio of 2.76:1, Autoscope can handle it by moving a mask over the screen at an eightieth of an inch. This is a bring your own screen type of thing but Runco is working with screen makes for a complete solution. No one can say that Runco isn't back on the cutting edge of projectors with their new projectors geared for the top 1%.

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