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Runco @ CEDIA - plasmas that don't forget

Matt Burns

Runco's new plasmas look great. We will get that out of the way early. Of course they look great but that isn't what makes 'em so special. Their internal memory will remember the settings for each resolution, input, and frequency. This means that the HDTVs will remember what the contrast setting was for the satellite receiver you only watch once in a while at the same time as keeping your HD DVD players settings correct. These plasmas are geared towards custom installers so they simply do not want to keep going back out to Mr. Jone's house every time he watches a VCR tape, but we would like to see this from a more affordable manufacture. Plus, Runco threw in the ability to have a splash screen come up with the installers logo every time the customer turns on the TV. We don't know about you, but that would annoy the bejesus out of us. Why would anyone want to see a logo come up every morning. Apparently this is something special though as all the vendors and installers at the press event were, well, lets just say, excited about this option. These sets aren't that pricey considering they are coming from Runco with the Signature line 720p's SP42 ringing up for $5,400 and the SP50 at $6,950. There is a step above in the Xtreme line that doesn't have a price but it is equipped with deeper contrast and a better picture.

UPDATE: These sets are 720p and not 1080p.

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