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Win this limited edition Gears of War book [update 2]

Vladimir Cole

At last year's Tokyo Games Show we got our first look at an early version of Gears of War for the Xbox 360 and walked away with two things: (1) desire to play the finished product; (2) a limited-edition, 46-page, glossy coffee-table book entitled Destroyed Beauty: An Inside Look at Gears of War (click here for scans of the entire book).

We're giving the book away to a reader who posts the niftiest photo of foodstuffs crafted to look like something from the world of video games to Flickr under the tag of joystiqfood. Only correctly tagged images uploaded to Flickr count as contest entries. (Note that Flickr's community guidelines require you to upload only photos that you've taken.)

Deadline for entries: 11:59 PM EDT September 30.

[Update 1: made it amply clear that only entries that have been uploaded to Flickr and correctly tagged are eligible for the contest.]

[Update 2: This is the winning entry. The winner has been contacted via email and the prize will be shipped as soon as we've got his address.]

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