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Fujitsu @ CEDIA - Aviamo 1080p plasmas

Matt Burns

Walking around the floor of CEDIA is overwhelming. That is the best word for it but when you find something that takes your breath away, it is all worth it and Fujitsu made our day with their AVIAMO line. This line of 50 and 65-inch plasmas join forces with a 37-inch 1080p LCD to create the best looking flat-panels at the show. We truly believe it. Plus, they overall look of the bezel is void of manufacturing bragging that oh so many makes are doing. The are just two logos on the bottom left: one for TV Guide and the other for a sound mode; logos on the top are on a removable sticker. The speakers are actually part of the stand but the boys over at Fujitsu have made up their mind if they are going to produce 'em; we vote yes. Fujitsu have always been at the top of the plasma game but oh man, these are something special. The 65-inch should be available towards the end of the year for a price of $20K. The smaller ones are still up in the air for production runs but more info should be available at CES in January. We can't wait.

More pics that just don't do the plasmas justice after the jump.

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