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NEC Viewtechnology intros new industrial projectors


This behemoth of a projector may look a tad out of place in your living room, but if you need to fill up a screen a little closer to that of the local multiplex, and Yen is no object, NEC Viewtechnology may have just the unit for you. It's new top-end projector, the HL16000HD, offers a 2,048 x 1,080 resolution with a 1,400: 1 contrast ratio, and a so-bright-you-gotta-wear-shades 14,000 lumens. If you want to dial things back a bit, NEC's also offering the HL16000Dsx+ projector, pumping out a 1,400 x 1,050 resolution with 13,000 lumens and a 1,400:1 contrast ratio, along with the HL10000Dsx+ model, which has the same resolution, an 1,800:1 contrast ratio, and a "paltry" 9,500 lumens. You can also customize each unit to suit your needs, with interchangeable lenses and four slots for various input/output options. You might want to consider some insurance to go along with them, as well, with the HL16000HD expected to sell for a full 10,000,000 Yen ($85,500) and the HL16000Dsx and HL10000Dsx+ each going for 7,500,000 Yen ($64,000).

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