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Japan gets HL2 Survivor, we get videos of it

And here we thought Japanese gamers could care less about FPSs. Just because Halo releases don't result in new sales records over there, doesn't mean the FPS has no place in their hearts. Take, for example, this arcadization (?) of gaming's most celebrated first person shooter: Half-Life 2. Taito and Valve teamed up, buddy copy style, to adapt the PC classic to Taito's Type X arcade board (not much of a challenge, since it's a PC already, Windows and everything).

What did take some extra work was adapting Half-Life's intimate, story driven affair from the long-form to the arcade form; that's even shorter than the episodic releases! They've created three game types: story mode (single player), mission mode (co-op), and battle mode (multiplayer).

Don't expect to stumble upon one in America's limping arcade market though; they're still rocking broken House of the Dead machines from five years ago. Lucky for us, 1UP grabbed some videos of the game from the recent JAMMA show in Tokyo, which we've embedded after the break.

Half-Life 2 Survivor single player

Half-Life 2 Survivor multiplayer

Half-Life 2 Survivor Attract mode

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