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Mini HDMI cable shown at CEDIA

Cyrus Farivar

Just when as we were getting used to HDMI, a new mini-HDMI cable hits the street, designed to be used on digital camcorders and cellphones cameras. Accell has just come out with the first seven-foot long "HDMI Mini" cable, demoing it at CEDIA -- where our best buds at HDBeat caught a first glimpse of its zippy AV transfer action. We still don't know what these things will cost or when they'll actually be available in stores -- not a huge deal yet, as compatible devices are few and far between -- but we're pretty sure that we'll pay a premium for the added convenience, as with most things in life.

[Via HDBeat]

Update: We just got an email from Accell alerting us to the fact that we were mistaken in stating that this was for cellphones. We apologize for the error and have corrected it.

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