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Oblivion's vocal and line repetition


With the six month anniversary of Bethesda's epic single-player RPG Oblivion on store shelves, we've all gotten a pretty good handle on its highlights and flaws. Highlights being that for $60 you get a world so big that its mass exudes a gravitational force. However, the flaw is that like Amistad Maupin's Tales of the City, which seemed to only have six people living in all of San Francisco, Oblivion has six voice actors spouting the same few lines all over Tamriel.

Over at the Game Chair they explore this redundantly repetitive flaw in Oblivion and blame it on the industry's lack of emphasis on writing. The writer of the piece makes some interesting points, and then throws all credibility out the window when he pimps his writing out and offers up his body to Bethesda.

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