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Pictures, impressions of Samsung's T519 "Trace"

Chris Ziegler

Been holding out for the guinea pigs to put the Trace through its paces before taking the plunge? First impressions of the ultra-thin candybar for T-Mobile are starting to filter in, and the phone doesn't come without its niggles -- it's simply a question of whether average users are going to be able to overlook them. Reader Josh tells us that the included ringtones are "atrocious" (what else is new?), the cam isn't set to its max resolution by default, the memory card and charger jack covers feel likely to break over time, and the screen seems to stay lit when on charge, making it a pain to place in the bedroom. On the upside, the speakerphone is apparently a winner, and handset sound quality is nothing to sneeze at either. Oh, and this thing is really thin. More pics after the break.

[Thanks, Josh]

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