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PS3 box shot: Photoshop at its finest? [update 2]

Ross Miller

Here's an image that made the rounds on the internet this weekend: a purported box shot of Sonic the Hedgehog for the PlayStation 3 "caught in the wild."

Take a close look at the upper-left corner: Zachary Hinchliffe has found the bottom portion of a GameFront watermark that was showing the Xbox 360 cover of Sonic.

The box might have actually been made by Sony, and is right now sitting on someone's desk at Sony HQ. The box may be indicative of the final packaging, but don't get too excited just yet. Clever fan art or fortunate leak? We're leaning toward the former, but we'll know soon enough.

Continue reading for more pictures of the box (thanks, "Blu ray owns your Soul").

The listed features include: 1-2 players, HDD Space - 60 MB, and Analog Control. UPC is 42000 06200. The pictures on the back (click on the image for the full screen) are all images we have seen before.

The instruction manual looks to be only one sheet -- does not its fake, but that it's either (a) at a funny angle or (b) temporary. The manual, however, is the exact same cover, logo placement and all, to the Xbox 360 box shown on GameStop.

The purpoted proof that the package is a pile of BS. Click on the image for a larger version.

[Update 1: As many of you have pointed out, Sonic was rated E10+ according to the latest trailer. Removed the following text:

One part of the packaging troubles us, however: the ESRB rating. Until there is an approved rating for a game, titles are given a Ratings Pending placeholder. According to the ESRB's website (keep the search field blank and select "PlayStation 3" in the drop-down menu), only eight PlayStation 3 titles have been approved; Sonic is not among that group. Besides, maybe the game will show some behind-the-scenes footage of Sonic doing lines on hooker's breasts. How else does he manage such speed?]

[Update 2: Added Hinchliffe's convincing evidence.]

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