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1 million PS3's preordered!

Nick Doerr

If you check out the Blu-ray IFA 2006 report, scroll down... down... down, until you reach Sony. Then you'll read this snippit: "Sony also showed their PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console, which drew a lot of attention as usual and with over one million consoles pre-sold, the demand is not an issue. Unfortunately the supply is, which is why the PS3 recently was delayed in Europe until early 2007. The US and Japan will still get their PS3s in November, but with less PS3s than originally planned because of problems ramping up production of some key components."

How honest! They go on to make an unnecessary comparison to the Xbox360's launch, but what we're concerned with is that pre-order number. One million! Yay. Now, if only we had one million to go around... still, it's good to know demand isn't a big issue. Well, it is, but for good reasons -- too much demand. Shortage, ho!

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