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EA to release Tony Hawk killer in 2007

Blake Snow

Reports surfaced today via PSM suggesting that EA's BIG label is developing a new Tony Hawk-esque skateboarding game specifically, though not exclusively, for the PS3. Gamespot later confirmed the report with an EA representative that revealed nothing other than the title of Skate, but did state more game details would soon follow. The title is expected to grace several next-gen consoles sometime in 2007 says TVG along with some other information nuggets:

"Skate for PlayStation3... is apparently being produced by EA Canada. Up to fourteen skaters will be featured in the game, along with EA's character customization mode. Multiplayer support will also be included in the game, together with claims that it's being made to take advantage of the PS3's 1080p high-definition capabilities. According to the [PSM] report, the control system will be intuitive and include a dual-analogue mechanic called 'Flickit', ensuring that grinding will be different every time."

The added competition should help keep Activision on its Tony Hawk toes. We just hope EA doesn't sign an exclusive deal with some yet to be formed skater association in the future.

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