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Every iPod game reviewed

Zack Stern

If you're trying to decide between paying your electric bill and buying all nine of Apple's $5-each iPod games -- and who isn't? -- this GamePro article can help sort the good from bad. The eight-page rundown with interstitial ads after every click -- we're not the only ones with an electric bill -- provides a "Fun Factor" rating for each iPod title along with an overview of the action.

GamePro most likes Vortex with a 4.25 Fun Factor, seemingly out of a maximum five of fun, while Mahjong was worth only 2.0 of fun. All nine launch games are rated.

The article also mentions how the controls work on the titles without circular, wheel-ready gameplay; change directions in Pac-Man by tapping the corresponding side of the wheel, and use the buttons to rotate Tetris blocks. We're looking forward most to new games developed for the wheel, rather than old ones that try to graft their controls on the iPod. Bring on plate spinning, virtual hula-hooping, and competitive record scratching. Also, we want driving.

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