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GuildWatch: Twenty-four Men on a Dead Dragon's Chest

Mike Schramm

Avast ye mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day! And also Tuesday, which mean it be time to put an eye through ye olde spyglass and check out the latest, greatest, and swabbiest of guild news! Click the link below, if ye dare, to see this week's GuildWatch. YARRRRR!

And don't forget, landlubbers, if ye want your guild drama, downing, or recruiting featured in GW, put your message on an albatross and release it to Even a salty sailor like meself needs your submissions to keep the ship afloat, so send em out, ye scurvy scallywags!

("It's mutiny, Capn!")

  • HordeCore (Jubi'thos-H) /gkicked out a long-time member after he "pissed off too many officers to be allowed another chance." The problem is, that member happened to run their website and still had access to their forums. He wiped out a lot of the forums, and changed the website to something, ahhh-- not fit for non-piratey types, if you know what I mean (here's the link, extremely NSFW). He also cleaned out the guild bank (which technically makes him a ninja and eliminates him from the Pirate Code, which most pirates make up anyway), and then quit the game for good. Aye, now there's some drama for ye scurvy dogs!
  • Officers from Order of the Chicken (our anonymous tipster didn't say a server or side) apparently decided to ignore a guild that didn't vote their way, and they split the DKP up amongst themselves, causing a good number of the raiding force to quit.
  • Just a reminder that tomorrow, 9/20 is the Hero's Festival on Steamwheedle Cartel. Meet up in Ratchet at 6p server time.
DOWNED ("Sent to Davy Jones' Locker!")
  • Celestial Knights (Eldre'Thalas) killed both Broodlord and Firemaw in one day-- BL with only one rogue
  • Inspire on EU Aszune downed both Magmadar and Gehennas, and one of their members won the fishing competition! Grats to ye-- now help me find that damned White Whale!
  • Untold Power on Scilla downed Raggy. The booty, according to their rep: "Nemesis Leggings, Dragonstalker Leggings, Dragon's Blood Cape" Ye're lucky that cape isn't cursed, ye dirty mongrels! A mermaid once gave me a cursed cape, and I found meself in a world o' trouble!
  • United Chaos (the next guild that sends me news without a server has to walk the plank!) downed Ony with only 24
  • Dark Solace is a casual guild on Skullcrusher-H that has been steadily working on raiding for five months, and just this last week, they downed both Rajaxx and Raggy. Raise forth the skull and bones!
  • Escapism on Thunderhorn-A finished Shazzrah
RECRUITING ("The sea calls ye, lads!")
  • Excessum from Scilla-H is still looking for lubbers to casually raid
  • Reckoning on Bronzebeard has everything up to BWL on farm and is looking for help towards the World Dragons and AQ40
  • Legion of the Squirrels on Hakkar sends word they're recruiting, but only if you have the sea legs for it.
  • Dead Fraggle Pile on Anetheron-H is recruiting.
  • Sacred Rites on Kirin Tor-A is also looking for lubbers just like you.
YARRRRRRR mateys that'll do it for the GW this week. We'd have more, but it looks like a grrreat Kraken has sunk the forums, along with all the other guild recruiters sailing one of these seven seas. Remember, if you want your guild featured here (and if you're any sort of a self-respectin' pirate, ye do), put a message in a bottle and let it float to Until next week, keep the wind at yer back, yer peg leg whittled, and yer silver hook all polished and shiny-like! Garrrrr, now where's my bottle of grog!?!

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