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JVC announces 'Made for iPod' gear

Scott McNulty

JVC has announced a number of new products that are 'Made for iPod.' If you recall, Apple has a program called 'Made for iPod,' which manufacturers can enter by paying a percentage of their profits on the item to Apple. In return they get Apple's stamp of approval.

Amongst JVC's offers is the JVC NX-PS1 (pictured above), which JVC is marketing as a desktop audio system with a $249.95 pricetag. The three cubes in the front (2 speakers and the main unit) measure 4 inches, whilst the subwoofer clocks in at 9 inches. The NX-PS1 will be able to play music from your iPod, and it can be connected to your computer or a flash based MP3 player (it'll also play WMAs, but who uses those?).

Also coming from JVC is the UX-EP25 ($199.95), a CD system that'll connect to your iPod, and an iPod clockradio by the name of the RA-P10 ($129.95). Finally, the RC-EZ38 ($99.95) is a boombox that'll let you take your tunes on the go.

[via Engadget]

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