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Metareview: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime


A Dragon Quest title with an odd twist, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is an action-adventure game starring one of the most popular monsters from the Dragon Quest series of games. Set in the kingdom of Slimenia, players must take over as Rocket and defend the land from an invading force known as "the Plob." Reviews for the game have been fairly positive:

  • IGN - 85%: "It's technically sound and solid in its gameplay, though it remains to be a primarily one-button game on a system with six buttons and a touch screen, which may baffle a few people starting out. Even still, the development team over at Square Enix made the right move, as Rocket Slime works great as a top-view adventure game that, quite frankly, doesn't need elaborate controls or touch-screen gameplay to make it fun."
  • 1Up - 85%: "Rocket Slime seems an unlikely candidate for the level of greatness it demonstrates. But between its genuinely clever elements and its preposterously over-the-top ridiculousness, Square Enix and TOSE have crafted a spin-off that captures the appeal of the source material in an amusing and unique way."
  • RPG Gamer - 70%: "The gameplay is fun, the visuals are nice, and the game's original. The interface issues hold it back a lot, though, and the repetitive music certainly doesn't help. Rocket Slime is still likely to entertain those looking for something original, or pretty much anyone for that matter, but the game is by no means epic or without flaw."
In being an original, different take on a well-established franchise, is the game able to entertain new and old fans alike? What do you guys and gals think of Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime?

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