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Warner develops HD DVD/Blu-ray/DVD hybrid disc

Matt Burns

We were going about this the wrong way, but the mad scientists at Warner Studios have us covered. Instead of a dual format player, the high-def media war need the dual format disc they have been working on. Said disc is made possible thanks to Blu-ray's data layer being 0.1mm deep and HD DVDs layer a bit deeper at 0.6mm. Both formats use the same 405-nanometer wavelength so the trick is getting the lens to focus at the right layer and they are working on making the Blu-ray layer work like a two-way mirror by reflecting light for Blu-ray playback then letting just enough light penetrate for HD DVD playback. Normal DVD playback is achieved without smoke and mirrors by simply putting that layer on the other side. If they can get this to work the easy part is done and on to convince studio big wigs this is worth their licensing.

[via Engadget]

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