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Mouse or keyboard?

David Nelson

A few months ago one of my friends was spending the weekend at my place. Like the dorks we are, we played WoW a little during his visit. As he started playing his mage, I noticed something odd. He didn't use the keyboard at all beyond the WASD keys to move around. He simply used his mouse to click his way through everything. After asking him why he didn't use an elaborate set of hot keys like I did, he looked at me as if I was the one who was doing something odd. In talking to my other WoW buddies, it seems as if most of them are mouse people as opposed to a keyboard person like myself.

When I was playing my priest, I felt as if I needed my hot keys to stay on top of things. I mapped all my various heals to my number pad, and made targeting macros for people I was responsible for in the raid. I mapped those macros to my function keys and off I went. The only time I'd use my mouse in battle was when I needed to heal someone that I didn't have a macro for. I just don't see how using the mouse would be as fast as using the keyboard. Plus, all that would be like Diablo 2 all over again (which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, now that I think about it).

Anyone else out there use the keyboard method? Are my friends right? Is the mouse the way to go?

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