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Ninja Gaiden hacks its way onto the PS3

Nick Doerr

Dubbed Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the next installment of the Ninja Gaiden series is coming to the PS3. There's not too much known about it yet, but you'll probably get some play time (gameplay, we mean!) with the lusty Rachel, a scantly-clad female who has appeared in other Ninja Gaiden titles.

The thing that haunts these games the most is the supposed difficulty -- meaning, it's very, very hard. Those who played the Xbox iterations can attest: the game was darn tough! The addition of Ninja Gaiden Black didn't help too much, but it gave Xbox owners a taste of Devil May Cry meets Shinobi minus stupid aggravating falling-into-a-pit deaths. If you tried Shinobi, you know what we mean. Well, if any details surface about this new title at the Tokyo Game Show, we'll bring it to you right away.

[via Joystiq]

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