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Thomson's 1GB PMP2008 DAP hits China, lookin' fit


It's pretty hit or miss with these guys, but this new PMP2008 from Thomson looks like one of their hits. We can't imagine the player is too terribly exciting to use, and specs like USB 1.1 don't do much to inspire confidence, but they do seem to have managed to build a skinny flash DAP with at least a modicum of sex appeal. The unit, which is out now in China, sports 1GB of flash memory, a 2-inch screen and a surprising video-out port. However, we're most impressed by the player's 10mm (0.4-inch) thickness, though a sketchy 640 x 240 screen res stat might have that beat if it proves true. Unfortunately, we don't have a word on price, and don't really expect this one to hit our shores, but we can always admire from afar.

[Via dapreview]

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