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Grey's Anatomy = No Raid

David Nelson

A few folks in my guild who previously had great availability are refusing to raid on Thursday and Sunday nights. What kind of drama could cause this mass protest of normally hardcore WoW players? No, not guild drama. More like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. With the fall TV season revving up, several of my guildies are setting their raiding schedule around the TV schedule. You'd think that this would be mostly women looking to take those nights off to watch female-oriented fare like Desperate Housewives, but the majority of the Housewives fans are male.

I watch Desperate Housewives with my wife, and it isn't that bad, but I wouldn't skip a raid for it. I would skip a raid for Grey's Anatomy, though, so I am firmly with the no Thursday raiding crowd. Other than Grey's, the only other show that would make me duck raid night would be the Sopranos, and that won't be back until March. Oh, and Lost. Can't miss Lost!

Are there any TV shows that make you skip a raid or two?

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