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Xbox 360 fall update adds 1080p output, HD DVD add-on hits Japan for $170 US


Even though we expected the Tokyo Game Show to be the coming out party for the Playstation 3, Microsoft just couldn't let them get all the limelight and Engadget has all the details. First, the Xbox 360 HD DVD external drive finally has a pricetag and launch date -- in Japan. ¥19,800 (about $170 US) and November 17 are the magic numbers, now the question is will the US be rounding up to $199 (or £199)? We'll have to wait to find out for sure but with X06 kicking off on the 27th, there's no way we'll be waiting too long. The other big news of the night is that the fall dashboard update will add 1080p output via analog to games and movies. If you have a TV (or projector) that takes 1,920x1,080 input via component or VGA you'll be able to select it in the dashboard and move on. Does this mean HD DVDs will play in full 1080p via component? AACS would seem to answer a big no to that question, but until more details are released we can't say for sure. Future games will have the option to render natively at 1080p (DigDug HD?) while current games will be upscaled. Looks like Sony isn't the only one supporting "the true definition of HD".

Update:Word from Microsoft's press conference in Japan pegs the price at ¥20,790 ($180~ US) and a launch on November 22. This conflicts with previous info straight from Microsoft so we'll keep waiting to get all this straightened out and some local info.

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