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    Apple's 24-inch iMac reviewed

    Darren Murph

    If you're still fence sitting on whether or not the 24-inch iMac would appropriately fill the gaping expanse on your desk, and the unboxing photos, impressive Core 2 Duo benchmarks, and promise of "upgradable graphics" haven't convinced you just yet, maybe a full-fledged review will relieve the hemming and the hawing. PCMag has given Apple's biggest all-in-one about as much praise as any glossy white device can handle, while finding little to harp negatively upon; reviewers were quick to espouse the machine's prowess in nearly every aspect imaginable, calling it "a system that photo, video, music and even graphics enthusiasts could love." More specifically, they admired the brightly lit LCD, "zippy" performance in OS X, better than expected gaming performance (in Windows XP, of course), and tight Front Row integration. The only notable digs were it's sluggish 3D results in OS X (surprise, surprise) and the disappointing lack of a built-in flash card reader or TV tuner. Regardless, PCMag handed out a 4.5 out of 5 rating (along with an Editor's Choice award), and proudly stated that returning their test unit would be tough -- so if you still aren't swayed, hit the read link for the full rundown.

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