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Detailed analysis of Apple's market share

David Chartier

These days it seems like any analyst with an axe to grind or a website to build pageviews with is taking a dig at Apple, making any claims that zing well in a headline, deliberately misinterpreting any data they can to make it look like the Mac is receding into unappreciated obscurity. Fortunately, Switch to a Mac has done their research and laid the smack down, calling out the falsifying data and proving that Apple's market share in the computer market (hooray! Finally talk of 'market share' without 'iPod' in the same sentence!) has been expanding. The article analyzes data from various market share studies, Wall Street announcements (for what those are worth), Apple's own releases and more to see through the fog and find that Apple is really doing quite well. If you need some cold hard numbers to convince family/friends/your boss that a Mac is a good purchase, head over and soak up more statistics than you can probably remember.

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