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EIZO's 19-inch FlexScan L797, now with yummy CUD


Eizo just spat-out 19-inches of top-quality CUD for your graphics department to lap up. Designed apparently to assist the color blind, the FlexScan L797 is the first to carry the mark of the CUD, or Color Universal Design, and comes loaded with a "color vision simulation facitlity" to redisplay an on-screen image as a trichromasticly-challenged person would see it. Hell, we're just going off the machine translation here, which also says something about "the potato, by the fact that you improve" so who knows. Nevertheless, the LCD is capable of 1280x1024 (SXGA), a 450:1 contrast ratio, 20-millisecond response cause Jimmy don't game, 170-degree visibility, and 2x DVI inputs. Should drop in Japan for ¥130,000 or about $1,108 starting October 20th.

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