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Exceptional Innovation intros new Life|ware hardware


Modestly-named Exceptional Innovation went all out at CEDIA last week, announcing a complete line of hardware to go along with its Life|ware Media Center-based home control solution. The beast of the bunch is the the Life|storage digital media server, packing an ample 1.5 terabytes of RAID 5 storage in a rack mounted unit, with a Pentium D processor and 2GB of RAM to power the Windows XP embedded OS. The Life|vision digital TV server should compliment that nicely, also based on Windows XP Embedded with a Pentinum D and 2GB of RAM but, naturally, adding some TV tuners to the mix (up to four analog or digital to suit your prefs), as well as some basic DVR functionality. But to really give your home that dated-in-two-years look, you'll need to trick it out with touchpanels in every room, and EI will gladly hook you up there with its Life|point 16:9 in-wall touchscreens (available in 8.9-inch and 12.1-inch models), which'll let you control every connected bit of your house and access your stored media. Also announced were the Life|controller home automation system controller and the Life|link Web Services for Devices (WSD) module, both of which will allow for various other systems (like lighting and security) to be integrated into your setup. No word on prices for any of this gear, but it's really more the sort of thing you get a quote on instead of checking the weekend flyers for the cheapest prices.

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