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Seitz Roundshot D3: take a 360-degree panorama in two seconds flat

Cyrus Farivar

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Remember that ridiculously-sized but utterly awesome Seitz 6x17 Digital that we showed you yesterday? Well, Seitz has another one to wave around at this year's Photokina. This time, though, it's a 360-degree cam that'll capture 470 million pixels worth of color and light, and furthermore, will complete that task in two seconds -- less than the amount of time it's taken you to read half of this paragraph. Like the 6x17, the Roundshot D3 has a ISO range from 500 to 10,000, accepts lenses from 24mm to 250mm and comes with a maxed out Mac mini to act as its oversized flash card. The D3 is more expensive than the 6x17, however, with the mobile version taking a sizeable 46,900 francs ($37,463) from that numbered Swiss bank account of yours, while the studio version comes in at 43,700 Swiss francs ($34,906). In either case, you'll probably want to head over to the Seitz site to get in line to pre-order this bad boy, which is due to hit the streets of Geneva by early 2007. Oh yeah, and make sure to catch a big pic of the D3 on the next page.


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