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Some Ninja Gaiden Sigma scans... that was fast!

Nick Doerr

Well, just as soon as we reported on Ninja Gaiden's roll onto the PS3, there are already a large portion of scans to check out. Granted, they're small. Granted, they're blurry. But this does point out a few things: the game seems further along than a "just announced" title. Unless, of course, the scans are not of gameplay (some clearly aren't, others are harder to discern).

There have been conflicting reports that this game is either a) a whole new Ninja Gaiden chapter or b) a port of Ninja Gaiden Black with added content. It's been confirmed there is a Ninja Gaiden 2 in the works, but is this it? Only a true veteran of the previous games could know -- what say you, veteran ninja of awesome? Do any of these scans look overly familiar? Let us know!

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