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Sony's internal Blu-ray recorder spotted at Best Buy

Matt Burns

A Sony Blu-ray product is finally appearing at stores. After a delayed set-top player pushed their venture into the consumer Blu-ray market back into late October, some where starting to wonder if they even supported the format at all. It was kind of hard to ignore all the Blu-ray stuff at their CEDIA booth however, but their internal PC recorder (BWU-100A) has been spotted in the wild at a Best Buy store for $749. You may remember that this drive probably will not playback Blu-ray media in your PC without some extra work on your part. Plus, there is the whole thing about dual-core processors that Cyberlink claims is necessary for Blu-ray/HD DVD playback. But some first adopters understand the game and 'love' the challenge of getting drives like this to work for something other then what it was originally intended for. It's part of the fun.

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