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Casio shows toned-down G'zOne for business folk

Chris Ziegler

Say you're on the board of a global corporation based in Japan. Sure, you're just another suit from 9 to 5, but on the weekends it's a different story -- you do some deep-sea diving, downhill skiing... heck, maybe the occasional BASE jump. Where are you supposed to find a phone tough enough to keep ticking (while you're wrestling crocodiles, that is) without getting you fired in the boardroom with some wacky, "extreme" color scheme? Believe it or not, Casio's got your number. The G'zOne E03CA takes a cue from the W42CA's book, offering a QVGA internal and 100 x 100 display, microSD slot, EV-DO radio, and 2-megapixel cam in a beefy, water resistant package. That's where the similarity ends, though: unlike the wild W42CA, the laid-back E03CA looks more fit for the inside of a suit coat pocket than a snowboarding jacket. Businessfolk with a tendency to destroy phones can look for the latest G'zOne to drop this December on KDDI's au network in Japan.

[Via I4U News]

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