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More video goodness from TGS

Kevin Kelly

Videos keep pouring in from TGS, and you can find them embedded after the break. Click on the links for larger sizes and different formats.

White Knight story trailer
-- pretty impressive looking RPG on the way to the PS3

flOw gameplay -- flOwing onto the PS3's first downloadable game

Project Sylpheed gameplay -- a space-shooter hits the 360, where's the dramamine?

Afrika trailer -- looks like a Discovery Channel show

Lair gameplay
-- fly your dragon like a tilt-a-whirl using the PS3 controller feature

Sonic and the Secret Rings trailer -- holy cow, Sonic is 15 years old now? And how do we get sucked into our tv?

Ninja Gaiden Sigma trailer
-- sounds like Ninja Gaiden has joined a frat for the PS3

Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight trailer -- these suits were made for walkin'

Coded Arms Assault gameplay
-- shoot, shoot, and shoot. Reload. Shoot more

Armored Core 4 gameplay -- mechanized goodness returns

Bleach trailer -- swords and the Wii go hand in hand, literally

Phoenix Wright 2 trailer
- if it pleases the court

Ridge Racer gameplay -- nothing is complete without a reference to Riiiiiiiiiidge Racer!

More to come!

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