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Palm confirms low-end Treo, "680" device rumored


We're still not sure when Cingular is going to get that 750 hotness, but it doesn't look like us Stateside peeps will have to wait too terribly long to get some antenna-free Treo action. Palm, in a recent earnings call, confirmed that there will be more info "in the coming weeks" in regards to a new "price sensitive" Treo, due for 20 networks worldwide in a few months. Lucky for us, it looks to be that oft-rumored Lowrider phone -- at least according to the rumors currently being mongered -- with the same form-factor as the 750v, but a VGA camera and no 3G data. Happily, the unit should feature 64MB of RAM, and if it can manage to otherwise duplicate the 650's functionality -- minus the bugs -- Palm might have a nice little solution for those wannabe handheld users who don't need all the bleeding-edge features, and don't want that bleeding-edge price.

[Via MobileWhack]

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