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PictoChat users sign off on Ken's keynote

While waiting for Ken Kutaragi's Tokyo Game Show keynote to begin, we fired up our trusty DSs to capture the zeitgeist of the audience: a mixture of press, VIPs, camerapeople, and sneaky stowaways. Despite a slow start, the chatroom quickly filled up and, by the time the speech began, they were all chatting up a storm.

Yes, we know, that DS users feedback on Sony's latest and greatest may seem a bit unbalanced, but only if you subscribe to a one console, one gamer mentality. Many of the people in this chatroom were just as excited to be there as we were, and just as hopeful that Ken had an ace up his sleeve.

Read on for more clever quips and creative artwork from inside the Sony TGS keynote.

Forget the Ace! Ken's got a can of beer up his sleeve. Mmmmm, beeeeer.

Killer crabs indeed. Wrong keynote we're afraid.

Predictions of the keynote's contents. It's Full True HD now.

Take note, there were no 12-year-olds in the crowd anywhere. Grown men (maybe women) are responsible for the above.

A disappointed stowaway.

"It actually is a George Foreman grill." That's what the suits call a "value add."

The PS3 will play Wii games? Oh, you're wondering about that line above it ... we have no idea.

We think this is supposed to be the M$ (that's how the cool kids write Microsoft) dragon eating a PS3. Or it's a snake wearing an M$ hat and kissing a PS3 ... we've got a call out to our sources for verification.

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