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'Xbox Killers' get death


Jerone Hunter, 20, and Troy Victorino, 29, were sentenced to death yesterday in the murders of six people in 2004. The killings occurred after Victorino, who was kicked out of a house that he'd been squatting in, returned with Hunter to retrieve his Xbox and other belongings -- but the mainstream media mostly picked up on the Xbox stuff.

The murders were vicious, with blood being found on the floors, ceilings and walls. The victims were not only bludgeoned to death, but were mutilated after.

In related blame-it-on-video-games news, last week 25-year-old Tyrone Spellman (pictured) killed his daughter after she yanked the cords on the console he was playing. According to Mia Turman, the dead child's mother, "the system - the box itself - fell" so he "hit her in the face twice." Turman also says that Spellman "slung" the child over a chair.

Turman is currently eight-months pregnant with Spellman's second child.

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